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The beer

All our cans contain a light, fresh, crowd-pleasing 4% session IPA which is the most loved style of craft beer and perfect for social gatherings. It’s an easy drinking pale ale, dry hopped with Mosaic and Citra for full-on citrusy refreshment.  Unfiltered and vegan-friendly. Production takes place at our Sussex brewery in small batches using quality ingredients.

We support artists

We founded CraftedCans as a project to support the artist community. If you are an artist find out about how we can support you.

How much does
it cost?

£72 for a case of 24 (plus delivery). Same price as a comparable beer in your local shop.

Perfect for events

Marketing events, Friday office beers, birthdays, weddings, summer BBQ’s or just for fun. The can design will be centre of attention and part of the conversation.

CraftedCans at Glastonbury

It was fun weaving craft beer cans into a narrative that involved time travelling sonic renegades, a crashed OneCor satellite, a scream printing machine and a hidden resistance force recruitment centre which became an all-night party.

“Truth Juice contains covert clues to help party people find their way from the bar to our hidden micro-rave in the Shangri-La field.”
– Mark Slade, Artist, We Are Red Stars

Why cans?

Do you lie awake at night wondering why cans are so much better than bottles? Read up and rest easy.


Cans look way better than bottles as a canvas for artwork.


Cans are lined with plastic to prevent metallic flavours. Bottles let in more air and light than cans which messes with the beer.


Cans are easier to recycle and lighter to transport.


People born before the 90’s associate cans with crap lager and bottles with quality. Get over it.


Bottles make a terrible mess when you drop them on the floor. Life’s too short for mopping.


Cans are less lethal when used by drunk thugs as weapons. The shards of broken bottle glass can also be harmful to the tender feet of children and the soft pads of cherished pets.


Cans all the way. Bottles are for losers.

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